Sapo Bene

Would you like to create quality, attractive and original soap products with the people in your institution? Products that sell well from you store and at markets and fairs?

If this is your ambition, join Sapo Bene, Gildewerk Quality Systems BV's hallmark, with which you guarantee that your soap products are manufactured using approved, safe ingredients according to the best recipes. Soap makers that work with this hallmark conform to all European hygiene guidelines.

Gildewerk has developed a system of constant quality control, guaranteeing the excellence and safety of Sapo Bene products. As a Sapo Bene member, you need not worry. You can simply produce and sell superb soap- and bath products along with the members of your institution.

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Why choose the Gildewerk Soap Quality System?

What does the Gildewerk Soap Quality System expect from you?

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